At the heart of Agsol engineering is an understanding and commitment to the needs of off-grid farming communities.


Our super-efficient MicroMill can be powered from solar, mini-grid, grid or e-bike

It can process grains like maize, sorghum and millet, or tubers like cassava

70% more profitable than a diesel mill in solar format

2.5x more efficient than other small electric mills

55 kg/h ±10% for fine flour and 250 kg/h for chicken feed

Easy to swap in/out screens to produce fine flour or coarse grits for animal feed

Powered by Agsol’s custom brushless DC motor & smart power electronics

In solar format it comes with latest Li-ion LFP battery technology

Incredibly easy to use with our industry first automatic feed control mechanism

Purpose Built

Agsol’s MicroMill is a modern, clean, adaptable and aspirational alternative to diesel mills, AC electric mills or manual processing. They are expertly engineered for maximum efficiency, are practically maintenance free and are exceptionally easy to use.

Fills a Market Gap

Century old diesel milling technology is the only option to process staple foods in off-grid areas. They are large inefficient machines that consume 40% of their revenue on fuel and maintenance costs. This means they are only viable in larger villages creating hardship for the poorest to access these essential services. Worst of all, end-consumers consistently complain their flour smells and tastes of diesel.


Agsol’s efficient agro-processing machines designed for solar, typically pay for themselves in less than 2 years, but can be as little as 1 year in high utilisation cases. Our MicroMill will be paygo enabled making our life changing technology even more accessible.

Power Off-take

In solar format the MicroMill can be offered with a 12V outlet module for powering a range of standard devices such as multi-port USB charging docks, clippers, fans, TV’s and more.


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